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RV Roof Repair and Maintenance

RV Roof Repair and Maintenance

RV Roof Repair and Maintenance Corpus Christi TX

Keeping your RV in good shape means acting before there’s damage. A leak inside your RV likely means that there are serious problems with at least one seal or gap, and may be an indication of mold or rot inside your roof.

Review Your Manual

Check out any weight or surface restrictions that are allowed on the roof of your RV. If you’re cleared to walk around on your roof, make sure you wear shoes with a flexible sole that will clear water. To properly check and touch up your seals, you’ll need to wash the roof; soap and water underfoot can get slick. Additionally, a shoe with a soft sole is less likely to do any damage to the roof.

Use the Right Soap

Depending on the surface material on your roof, you’ll need the right cleaner to loosen up any dust or grit that’s clinging to the surface. A foam mop will also help to clear away any clinging dirt. Avoid using a stiff-bristle brush; the seals on your slides need to offer a little clearance and your want to pick up the dirt, not push it under the seals.

Don’t Forget the Rinse

Rinse away the cleaning product and let the roof dry. While it’s drying, have someone get inside the RV and make sure that your cleaning and scrubbing process didn’t result in any water inside the RV. If you have to do this yourself, make sure to allow your shoes to dry fully before stepping down onto the ladder.

Types of Sealant

If your roof is currently in good shape, do your best to keep it that way by using the right sealant. Your need a sealant that can bond to multiple surfaces, such as aluminum to rubber. Additionally, you’ll need sealants that will self level and fill gaps. Finally, if your RV roof is fiberglass, make sure that you invest in products that will reinforce and repair the fiberglass if it’s been impacted by damage from tree branches or hail.

Think About Storage

While you may love to bask in the sun on the Texas coast, your RV really doesn’t tolerate it well. Adding a UV cover when storing your RV outside is critical.

Sunlight is really hard on rubber. All the sealants and gaskets on your RV will age over time, and the sun will speed up that aging. If you have any leaking around slides, AC unit, vents, or windows then you should get all of your rubber seals checked out; they’ll likely all have aged at about the same rate. Preventing leaks is much less expensive than cleaning up after them, so do an inspection whenever you remove your RV cover to make sure the rubber is flexible and not cracking.

Additional tip: Your tires will also suffer in the sun. If you store your RV outdoors, tire covers will be much less expensive than new tires.

Risks of a Used RV

Experts on used RVs like Coastal Bend RV and Consignments know what to look for when checking out a used RV. When buying from a private seller, trust your nose. An unused RV may smell closed up and rather dusty, but if you can smell anything in the “dead mouse” zone, walk away. If you don’t trust your nose, ask that family member who’s really sensitive to odor to help you out.

Also, check the used RV for

  • fresh paint and
  • new carpet

Sadly, there are desperate sellers who will make poor ethical choices to get rid of an RV. Bring a ladder so you can crawl up to the roof to inspect the seals. Even if you’re not allowed to crawl up on the roof, cracked seals along a slide or broken seals around the AC unit will be easy to spot from a free-standing ladder.

Finally, put your fingers to work. Touch the ceiling around the AC unit and the vents, checking for sponginess. Feel under the windows in the wall for buckling or bulges. Look inside the cabinets for any stains along the back of the wall. 

A single, one-time leak is rare. However, if you find a really good deal, a quote from RV Roof Repair and Maintenance Corpus Christi TX can help you make your decision.

Your RV is your ticket to fun and freedom on the road. Buy smart, protect your investment with regular checks, quality sealant and a good UV cover, and have a wonderful time!